Smart Framediscover the stretch fabric system

Smart Frame is a modern fabric tensioning system. It consists of an aluminium frame and high quality graphics printed on fabric. The fabric, trimmed with a silicone rubber band, allows for easy and quick clipping into the frame.

Simplicitychange graphics whenever you want

The Smart Frame system of frames and stretch fabrics allows for easy replacement of graphics. The fabric is stretched over the frame with a silicone rubber band. This allows for precise stretching of the fabric without folds and wrinkles. You can do it yourself, without an installation team, which reduces costs and saves time.

Assembling the frame

We decided on an intuitive and simple way of assembling the Smart Frame system. In just a few steps you will get a ready-made construction, on which you can attach your graphics. Below you can see a graphic representation of the assembly process. See for yourself how easy it is.

Inserting the fabric

The Smart Frame consists of a structure and a fabric. Inserting the fabric is even easier than folding the frame. Thanks to the rubber band, the fabric fits perfectly into the profiles and the result is a smooth surface with no folds or creases. See below for a graphical representation of the pinning method.

Technologiesand materials used in Smart Frame system

In order to obtain an appropriate tension effect we use top quality polyester fabrics specially selected in terms of stretch and elasticity. The fabrics are printed with sublimation or UV LED technology. Thanks to that we obtain the highest quality image resistant to abrasion, light, humidity or temperature. Colours are intense and saturated, blacks are strong and contours are sharp. The graphics can be washed with water and detergent or washed in a normal washing machine.


VideosDiscover how easy it is to assemble a Smart Frame

Productionof the Smart Frame

The whole Smart Frame production process takes place in our technological park. Thanks to that, we can adjust the solutions directly to your order, having full control over each stage of the production process - from making profiles, through printing graphics, to shipping.


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Solutionsfor textile frames

The Smart Frame system is perfect for interior design processes. The wide application of the system includes hanging, standing and suspended stretch frames. We also offer Smart Frame with LED backlighting, which makes your graphics stand out and become very attractive. Choose a system that meets your expectations.

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