Free-standingframes with graphics on stretched fabric

Standing frames with graphics on stretched fabric are aesthetically pleasing and functional walls, screens or partitions. They can be used for interior design, advertising and decorative purposes. They are ideal for creating dividers, partitions, boxes or stands for employees and petitioners, as well as for exhibition or promotional stands.

Wallswith graphics printed on stretched fabric

The walls created with the Smart Frame system are free-standing frames made of aluminium profiles, onto which the printed fabric is stretched. The lightweight profiles are bolted together and can be assembled and disassembled independently. They are also easy to store and transport. The flexible polyester fabrics are resistant to damage and tearing. They are clipped into the frames with a silicone rubber band, so they can be easily put on, but also removed to wash the fabric or replace the graphic with another.

Free-standingdecorative or advertising walls

Freestanding advertising and decorative walls made with the Smart Frame system are the perfect tool for interior design, decoration and indoor advertising. They are distinguished by their light weight, mobility and excellent aesthetics. High-quality UV or sublimation printing is characterised by sharpness, precision and perfect colour saturation. Graphics can be in any format, and the wall can be illuminated from the inside, which significantly increases its aesthetic value.

Profilesaluminium Smart Frame profiles for standing frames

Smart Frame walls, screens, partitions and other freestanding frames are made of aluminium profiles into which the fabric with the graphic is clipped. The specific types of profiles are selected depending on the format and function of the frame, so that they provide rigidity and stability while maintaining maximum lightness. It is also worth noting the profiles which allow LEDs to be fitted and graphics to be illuminated from the inside.

Advantages of using standing frames with stretched fabric

Standing frames with stretched graphics allow for simple, fast and aesthetically pleasing interior design and the presentation of graphics, information and other elements of a brand's visual communication. They are easy to install, lightweight, mobile and extremely attractive.

Technologiesused in a stretched system

The Smart Frame system stands for modern materials and innovative technology. The standing frames consist of profiles made of strong, rigid yet lightweight aluminium. Graphics are printed on strong, flexible polyester fabrics. We use sublimation and UV technologies to print them, guaranteeing high quality and durability. For backlighting, we use long-lasting and energy-efficient LEDs.

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