Stretched Ceilingswith graphics on fabric

Stretch ceilings are a type of suspended ceiling consisting of a frame made of aluminium profiles into which a fabric with printed graphics is inserted. The system is lightweight and easy to install. It is ideal as an aesthetically pleasing element of interior decoration and finish. It allows you to lower the ceiling and conceal the structure and imperfections of the ceiling or ceiling installations.

Ceilingswith graphics printed on fabric

We offer stretched ceilings with graphics printed on fabric. They can be used in offices, corporate headquarters, retail and service establishments, hotels, restaurants and other public buildings. Lightweight construction, easy installation and attractive graphics mean comfort, safety and unique design possibilities.

Frames for ceilingswith printing of any graphic

Smart Frame stretched ceilings consist of lightweight but rigid and strong aluminium frames and flexible, strong printed fabric. Graphics are applied to the fabric using a modern sublimation or latex method. This allows any design to be reproduced accurately, guarantees precision, clarity and excellent colour saturation. This makes it possible to create stretched ceilings that perfectly match the interior design and brand image.

Profilesaluminium Smart Frame profiles for stretched ceilings

Stretched ceilings in the Smart Frame system are based on frames created from various types of aluminium profiles. The various profiles differ in cross-section, thickness and additional features (e.g. the possibility of installing backlighting), making it possible to select the ideal model for each project.

Advantagesof using stretch ceilings with fabric graphics

Stretched ceilings with fabric graphics are an excellent way to finish and decorate an interior. Modern materials and technology ensure accuracy of manufacture, durability and exceptional aesthetics. The Smart Frame system also guarantees easy, quick and clean installation and the ability to replace graphics at any time.

Technologiesmaterials used in a stretch system

The Smart Frame stretch fabric system is all about modern materials and innovative technology. We use high quality polyester fabrics with the right degree of stretch and elasticity to guarantee even and rigid tension. We use modern sublimation printing to ensure high quality and durability of the graphics. Our frames are made from aluminium profiles of various cross-sections and constructions adapted to the format, shape and function of the elements created.

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SolutionsSee other products

Explore the other possibilities of this system and see what we have to offer! The wide range of fixings allows Smart Frame to be used, among other things, as wall decoration, striking ceilings, practical partitions, acoustic frames or large-format advertising for facades.

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