Innovative system of modular exhibition structures allowing to create any spatial arrangements and configurations. Modularico is a mobile exhibition system that is simple to assemble and reusable. All of its components are made of durable, long-lasting materials so they can be reused many times. It is an ecological solution that, unlike traditional systems, does not generate waste after disassembly. Modularico allows you to freely personalize your space and adjust the layout of your stand to suit your needs.

Modularicotrade fair and exhibition stands

Modularico can be used at trade fairs, conferences and events. A wide range of configuration and personalization options are a guarantee of adjusting to any space. Additional accessories – racks, shelves, lighting and decorations – ensure high functionality and impeccable aesthetics. Modularico system also allows LED illumination to be installed in the frame. This is a great way to draw attention and make your stand distinguished from the competition.

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Exhibition standwhy is worth choosing a modular system?

Modularico mean high functionality, convenience, time and money saving and impeccable aesthetics. They are suitable for self-assembly, and when disassembled, they fit into convenient carrying bags or boxes.

AdvantageValues of portable exhibition stands

Modular, portable exhibition stands are the perfect choice for those who value functionality. They are portable, can be self-assembled, and are reusable in a variety of situations.


SystemsModularico exhibition systems - an overview

Modularico has several systems of stand construction, which is a guarantee that you will find the solution you need. Choose from the simplest, but always impressive solutions to advanced, fully modular systems with unlimited possibilities.


FlexibilityModify and expand your stand

Each Modularico system can be modified and, if necessary, extended with new modules. Some systems allow the use of extensions and ceilings, as well as shelving systems and shelves which plug into the walls. This allows you to perfectly adapt your stand layout to the space available and the products on display.

Inspirationssee gallery of trade fair stand design inspirations 


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