Smart frametensioned fabric system

Smart Frame is an innovative system of fabrics stretched over aluminum frames. This is an ideal way to present large format graphics. It allows you to create extremely aesthetic, and at the same time light and easy to install wall, free-standing and suspended displays.

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Smart Frame system is based on light aluminum frames and complemented by the highest quality textile graphics. A wide range of profiles allows you to create any configuration and format of the frames. Fabrics with silicone rubber on its edges allow for quick and easy, and at the same time even and aesthetically pleasing attachment of the graphics to the frames.

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Application for the Smart Frame

Smart Frame fabric stretching system finds application in both exhibition and decorative industries. It allows you to create suspended, wall-mounted and free-standing elements. The system is also available in an illuminated version. It will work well as a decoration or advertising medium in all types of buildings and spaces.

Applicationof the stretched fabric system

The Smart Frame stretch fabric system is used in the exhibition and decorative industries. It allows to create suspended, wall and free standing elements. The system is also available in an illuminated version. It can be used as a decoration and advertising medium in all types of objects and spaces.

Replacablegraphics in the Smart Frame system

Smart Frame stretched fabric system allows for easy replacement of graphics. The fabric is stretched over the frame using a silicone rubber. This allows the fabric to be stretched precisely without folds or wrinkles. You can do it yourself, without an installation crew, and thus reduce costs and save time.

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Smart Framesystem capabilities

The system of aluminum frames and stretched fabrics offers many arrangement possibilities. It can be used in interiors as a wall-mounted, suspended or free-standing element. Aluminum profiles connected with screws allow you to create frames of any format, and the graphics can be attached, removed and replaced without professional assistance.

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