LightboxIlluminated stretched frames

Lightboxes are illuminated frames with graphics printed on stretch fabric. They are original, aesthetic and eye-catching elements of interior design. They are used in advertising, decoration and visual information systems. Backlit stretch fabric frames are suitable for offices, shops, service outlets, sports and leisure facilities, cultural and educational establishments or public institutions.

Illuminated frames

Illuminated frames with graphics on stretched fabric are the perfect medium for advertising and visual information. They are ideal for the production of aesthetically pleasing wall images, panels, functional free-standing walls or eye-catching suspensions. Various types of lightboxes thus have numerous applications in marketing and interior design and decoration.

Led lightinginside stretched frames

Illuminated frames consist of aluminium profiles onto which fabric with printed graphics is stretched. Inside the frame, modern, energy-efficient LEDs are mounted, allowing the graphics to be illuminated from behind. This gives an unique, interesting and exceptionally aesthetic effect. The illuminated frames attract attention perfectly and guarantee that no one will pass by them indifferently.

ProfilesAluminium Smart Frame profiles for illuminated frames

Illuminated stretch fabric frames are primarily made up of appropriately selected aluminium profiles with LEDs. Depending on the format, shape or function of the element to be made, profiles with the appropriate cross-section and thickness are selected to ensure rigidity, stability and strength of the structure.

ValuesUse of hanging frames with stretched fabric

Lightboxes with stretch fabric are first and foremost highly aesthetic and a great way to attract customers' attention. In addition, Smart Frame lightboxes are lightweight and very easy to assemble and disassemble. They can be used multiple times, freely changing the fabric with graphics. They are therefore ideal for permanent, seasonal or mobile displays - at trade fairs, conferences and other events.

Technologiesused in a stretched system

In order to achieve the right tension effect, we use polyester fabrics of the highest quality specially selected for their stretch and elasticity. We print the fabrics using the sublimation technology. As a result, we obtain an image of the highest quality, which is resistant to abrasion as well as light, moisture or temperature. The colours are intense and saturated, the blacks strong and the contours sharp. The graphics can be washed with water and detergent or washed in a normal washing machine.


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Explore the other possibilities of this system and see what we have to offer! The wide range of fixings allows Smart Frame to be used, among other things, as wall decoration, striking ceilings, practical partitions, acoustic frames or large-format advertising for facades.

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