Modular FormMultifunctional shelving system

A designer and extremely functional shelving system in our offer. Modules based on aesthetic furniture boards and original connectors will prove useful in almost any space - commercial, office, exhibition or private. Quick and tool-free assembly is just one of many advantages - see all of them.

Functionaland designer furniture system

Modular Form is a modular shelving system that fits perfectly into contemporary trends in interior design, sales and exhibition spaces. It combines the functionality of classic displays with the design of premium brands. Modular Form is a great sales promoter and an original addition to any interior.
Why is Modular Form so versatile?
Because you can configure it any way you like, and with the help of dedicated accessories it can be used in many different ways - from illuminated expositors, to mobile seating, to designer furniture with floral elements.

Valuessystem and solution advantages

Modular Form is based on modules made of laminated furniture boards and unique connectors made of durable plastic. Thanks to a wide range of clamps, you can quickly (and independently) change the size and shape of the shelving unit directly at the point of sale or display at trade fairs. Free configurations, an attractive colour palette and numerous dedicated accessories open up extremely rich arrangement possibilities.

Discoverthe system and its features

and its features The assembly of Modular Form shelving is intuitive and easy. See for yourself how easy it is!

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